Artist Statement

My work is the result of a process of inner exploration, an existential adventure. My source of inspiration: always from within, giving free rein to the imagination and giving way to landscapes sublimated by my mind. It's like navigating an endless river with an unknown destination. Painting for me, is a way of being (and thinking) to which I devote a great deal of time and in which I have been working avidly since 2000.

The work I present is the expression of a parallel world in which I live together  with my creations, always willing to share with, and offer the observer the opportunity to abstract, ramble, to let go… or else encourage them to think and maybe thus expose the incomprehensible alignment and loss with which rational people live… It all depends on how "the mood of the observer" contemplates the work.

The works that I present in EidolonCreations have been produced utilising digital techniques.


"Her personal aesthetic experience, in which contradiction and vehemence team up to expose the hermetic and often inaccessible darkness in which the distortions singling out feelings take refuge, is firmly anchored to a vague but very decisive and eloquent poetic spirit in conflict with media and technological arrogance."

"Antonio Leyva: Member of the Spanish and International Associations of Art Critics. April 2014"



Solo Shows

2014 - Galería Orfila  (Yesterday's Truth is Today's Let-down) – Madrid

2015 - Nina Torres Fine Art Gallery (Spanish Artists in Miami) – Miami

2016 - La Roca Atelier (Fantasy Games) – Málaga

2017 - Galería Orfila (Boschland) – Madrid


Palacio de Medinaceli - Soria, Galería Orfila (Exposición Arte Fantástico) - Madrid, Museum Moderner Kunst Kärnten -  Klagenfurt, Fundación Dearte (COAM) - Madrid , Nina Torres  Fine Art - Miami, 10º Certamen Nacional de Pintura Parlamento de La Rioja, 2017 - La Rioja, Muestra D’Arte Contemporanea “Al tempo delle streghe” - Benevento 2018, Traficadas, Camino hacía la esclavitud – Centro Cultural de Okendo Donosti 2018, “Brujas” - Centro Cultural Mieres 2021

Art Fairs in which she has participated with her work

- XIV Feria de Arte COAM, Madrid

- XIV Feria de Arte Palacio de Medinaceli, Soria

- Artexpo New York, USA

- Art Expo Miami

- Art Fair Conrad Seoul

- Donostiartean, San Sebastián

- Miami Art River

- Art Marbella, Málaga

- Artexpo Chicago, USA

- We Are Fair, Madrid

- Art3f, Paris

- Luxembourg Art Fair