Digitally manipulated collages made with cut-outs from illustrated images and painted using digital techniques.

These works belong to my series titled "The Regulators" The theme of the series is a playful criticism of current society, starring sports heroes, specifically golfers who with their golf clubs as weapons are cleaning cities of corruption, fake news, mass consumerism and other plagues of modern society. The title came from a chance reading the story of "Billy the Kid", a skilled and daring gunman, who in 1878 was part of a gang of vigilante rustlers in the Wild West called "The Regulators." The regulators called themselves that because they were formed during the Lincoln County war, as a persecution group against the murderers of a rancher and businessman for whom Billy had worked as a cowboy and whom he considered as a father. Billy was barely 21 years old at the time and was an orphan since he was 14.


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