These works were produced using digital techniques.

“In New Horizons, Nowhere Land and In The Age of the Abyss, works that have been keeping Helena occupied lately, she embarks on a voyage into the field of analogy, exploiting the allegorical, the representation of an abstract idea through elements of visible reality, to question many of the assumptions on which the rationality of our times are based.

The reborn ideological perversions, the subjugation that is exerted on our attitudes and on our thoughts, the neutralization of individual freedoms under the false pretext of empowering the collective ones, will basically form the argumentative foundation, altering the passage of time, of these works in which imaginary and other areas of our proximity, fable and connotations of reality are confused, perhaps because we already live in the dark night of the world that was to follow the era of technological preponderance, robotics and artificial intelligence.”  

"Antonio Leyva: Member of the Spanish and International Association of Art Critics"


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