Digital prints of the original works (oil, acrylics and mixed media on canvas) by Helena Revuelta.

Printed with 12 pigmented inks on heavy weight, textured "Hahnemühle" 310 gsm. Fine Art paper.

These works are inspired by the apocalyptic and disturbingly prophetic artwork of the Renaissance Dutch artist Hieronymous Bosch, many elements of which I have woven into my "Boschland" series (15 works) which were first presented at my exhibition in Madrid at Orfila Gallery, 2016 and later exhibited in other cities in Spain.


"The enigmatic and indecipherable nightmares that Jerónimo Bosch hid in his paintings, aided by his lavish imagination and with a colorful and exalted language but nevertheless governed by a rationality that prevents excess and chaos from appropriating what is a testimony and confirmation of realities that while there for all to behold, nobody knew how to see, have served Helena Revuelta, while attesting to her perseverance and demonstrating with facts the consequences of rejecting the comforting irrelevant and the gratuitous decline of the verbs of the obvious and of the consensus, to contribute to the accolades that on the occasion of the five hundredth anniversary of his death have been dedicated to the memory of the most enigmatic painter of all time, who even hid his real name, Jeroen Anthoniszoon van Aken, behind the pseudonym with which History would give evidence of his existence."

"Antonio Leyva: Member of the Spanish and International Association of Art Critics"


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